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Standing on the edge of Satori

Know in all things that I am this illusion...

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"One day she won't love you too. And it will break your heart."

Certified Grade A Stone-Cold Bitch.

I will care when I'm given a compelling reason to do so.

You are not a compelling reason.

P.S. -- I can kick ass, take names, and still appreciate a good lipstick.

An orphan lion cub with his eyes still closed shut
from birth was given milk by a wild ewe who found him in
her meadow. He grew to call a ram "Father." He grazed
with a herd of sheep, knowing no other animals.
Then one day a jungle lion roared on a hill. Every lamb
and sheep fled, but the little lion looked up. He thought,
"How could I have run with sheep so long?"

, (adapt. William Buck)

I've grown tired of keeping company with lambs.

No more.

Note: This journal is friends only. To be added, don't leave a comment. I'll probably never see it. Instead, drop me a line via email and let me know who you are.

P.P.S. -- Know in all things also that I am NOT this illusion.

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